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BotSync is an Android app that periodically synchronizes files with a remote SSH SFTP server, over the wifi or cell network. As new files/directories are created, BotSync will recursively download them to the phone, or upload them to the server (like rsync). Use it to transfer new content securely, wirelessly, and automatically.

Why pay for cloud storage when you can run your own private cloud? BotSync works with opensshd - no inefficient, expensive, or potentially-insecure server SW required.

BotSync transfers about 4X faster than other Android SFTP clients, and is free. In short: it's the best way to sync an Android device with Linux/BSD/OSX.


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Using BotSync with Windows

BotSync is designed for Linux/BSD/OSX servers, however, it can work with Windows using cygwin opensshd:

1. Download and install cygwin from the link above. Enable Net -> opensshd
2. Click the cygwin desktop icon, then run:
   ssh-host-config -y
   net start sshd
   mkpasswd -l -u botsync >> /etc/passwd
   passwd botsync
    [enter a password]
3. Open BotSync's Config and set the hostname. Set username to 'botsync'. Set Remote Dir to '/home/botsync'
This maps to c:\cygwin\home\botsync\ on the Windows filesystem.
To use another Windows directory, first, convert it to a cygwin path for BotSync's Remote Dir.
Ex: D:\Media\Music\ becomes /cygdrive/d/Media/Music
4. Open TCP Port 22 in the Windows firewall, and enable port forwarding on your router, if necessary.
5. Start BotSync!



If you have any questions, find a bug, or just want to say thanks, e-mail support at this domain.

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BSD License for the Ganymed SSH-2 Library